Michal Rydval: "I know I am stupid. But this is the only way of showing something to the people"
from 29 august untill 15 october 2005


The title of the project by Czech artist Michal Rydval is a quote from the oldest Czech graffiti artist Jaroslava Hrabálková.

Instead of images which populated the stone frames since spring 2005, Michal Rydval, former student of the Academy of Applied Arts and Architecture, studio of visual communication, has selected textual information.

These citations, in contrast to various advertising slogans, which attack us in the public space, have no practical goal or specifically defined purpose. They function like a mirror reflecting all that we see every day but what we immediately forget (like the content of various public media). Author has selected samples of various recently published articles, enlarged them and publicly displayed without any changes.

The impossibility to find a reason which would explain appearance of these texts turns the interest of the viewers back to the situation itself and its contexts. The answers to the questions which the project provokes cannot be found in the work itself but rather in a particular mind of the onlooker. Our perception of the art objects tends to be active and dynamic unlike the usual way connected with our reading of commercials, political persuasion and mass media.

[Ludvík Hlaváček, Centre for Contemporary Art Praha]