Tomáš Hibi Matějíček, Marek Pokorný: Pettiness – A Tribute to Ondřej Sekora

27 Oct - 30 Nov 2007

press release

In our context the comics seems to be burdened by a great number of stereotypes, which stem from the lack of information but also from the systematic ostracization during the Communist regime.
The content can be obviously trivial or complex just as in any other media, but what makes comics unique is the narrative structure combining the image and the text.
The site-specific project Pettiness can be, in reaction to the two-way traffic, read from both sides in a form of some comic visual palindrome.
At the same time it servs as an homage to one of the key local comics authors – Ondřej Sekora. The main protagonist of his comic strips – an ant called Ferda – started his career in between the wars in Lidové noviny journal as an anti-war protester.