Silvie Vondřejcová: Questions

17September - 20 October 2007

press release

To the question: “What should my child be like?” each future parent would probably answer that the child should be first of all healthy, but maybe also pretty, intelligent, good, skillful…


The answers should give the viewers some feedback on their own values and priorities. They can be contemplated by people who have not even started to plan having children but also by parents whose children are already adult themselves. Choosing between several positive or negative characteristics is a moral dilemma. Especially when we all share these qualities to a certain degree.

The idea of the exhibition project QUESTIONS developed during my pregnancy as I was thinking about my baby and what will come of him. I was thinking about what he should be like but also about what he should not be like in any case… Gradually, I came upon seven topics, which gave birth to this series of seven questions.

The “QUESTIONS” series is closely linked with my older project “QUESTIONAIRE” (2004) produced for the “museum in progress”. In this questionnaire I was asking the readers of the Czech magazine Respekt and Austrian “Der Standard”, which priorities they would set themselves in their lives had they had a chance. Because nobody can have everything I have limited the possible number of chosen options.

Silvie Vondřejcová